5 Things to Consider When Looking at ATV Insurance

1) What level of cover do I need?

As with car and van insurance, there are some options available – the entry level is Third party Only insurance. This only covers claims from people who you injure or whose property you damage whilst using your ATV. We would always recommend that you look at wider cover than this.

Third Party Fire and Theft provides the above cover PLUS replacing your ATV if it is stolen, damaged from attempted theft or damaged by fire.

The widest cover is Comprehensive – this provides the above cover PLUS accidental damage to your ATV whilst you are using it.

2) Security Conditions – always look at the small print…

ATV’s are increasingly theft attractive, being relatively easy to steal and to sell on. If your insurance covers you for theft, it is important to understand any security conditions or warranties that the insurer has included. We see that may insurers insist that the ATV is kept in a locked garage or barn, that it is locked to a concrete post or secure floor anchors are in place. Some also insist that trackers are fitted. If you do not comply with these conditions, it is possible that an insurer will not pay for the theft of your ATV.

Our ATV insurance has no such restrictions – we take a far more pragmatic view – one of “common sense prevails”. All we ask is that you look after your ATV, don’t leave the keys in it whilst unattended.

3) Does my insurance cover me for what I am using my ATV for?

This may appear to be an odd question but bearing in mind that variety of uses that an ATV has, it is important to ensure that you have the correct cover in place. ATV’s can be used for pleasure – on small holdings, farms, shoots etc. They can be used as part of your business, for example forestry work, vets etc. It is essential that the insurance you take out provides the cover that you need.

At AIM, our policies will provide cover for personal use as well as business use – we cover a variety of uses including private individuals, estate mangers, shoots, small holders, sports clubs, stud farms and businesses alike.

4) How much does ATV insurance cost?

Premiums do vary…. a lot. At AIM, we really do understand the risks involved. Our policies are competitively priced with premiums from as little as £150.00 plus insurance premium tax – this is based on comprehensive cover, with any authorized driver and only a £100 excess for theft and accidental damage. A small administration fee is also charged when you take out the policy and at

Bear in mind the hidden costs… mid-term adjustments can attract administration fees which can be as much as £40.00 for each adjustment for example, moving home. 

At AIM , we are committed to providing our customers with peace of mind and value for money – we do not charge for any mid-term adjustments, however many you have during the year.

5) Who is insured to drive my ATV?

Many insurers will restrict who can drive your ATV by imposing minimum age restrictions eg. only those over 21 or 25 years of age. Some will insist that you name each and every driver that you need insurance for.

At AIM, we appreciate that this is not always possible. Our ATV insurance comes with “Any Authorized Driver” as standard, irrespective of their age – if they are legally able to drive the ATV, and they have the owner’s permission, they are insured.

Where can I get really good ATV insurance?

If you are using an ATV for what it was intended for – off road as well as on road, then look no
Our quotations include, as standard:

  • Off road as well as on road use
  • Non road registered vehicles
  • Any authorized driver
  • £100 accidental damage and theft excess
  • Premiums from as little as £150*
  • No fee for mid term changes
  • Dedicated, friendly and efficient claims handling service

*Premium subject to insurance premium tax and administration fee

For further information please contact a member of our team on 0333 577 8232, email us on info@aimriskservices.com or find out more at www.aimriskservices.com/atv